The Six Famicom Rockman Games Set to Mobilize in 2017

While we're still waiting to see what Capcom has in store for their previously-announced mobile Mega Man game, some potentially interesting news has arisen, at least if you live in Japan (or just happen to use a Japanese phone, for whatever reason): Capcom has announced that the first six Rockman games from the Famicom are being brought to iOS and Android devices on January 6th, 2017!

While ports of such games as these in the past have been -- pardon the expression -- touch and go, Famitsu reports that the six games (each sold separately) will feature a variety of gameplay options that should be friendly to beginners, or at the very least, help make them more playable on mobile devices. These range from auto-fire to auto-charge, as well as an adjustable game speed.

Furthermore, the recently-released Rockman Unity news feed app can be synced with the games in a fashion which doesn't seem too unlike what Nintendo has done with their mobile releases and My Nintendo. By completing certain missions within the sextet of games that are assigned each month, you can unlock different rewards. For instance, the image seen above (believed by Protodude to be a Shinkiro piece) is a lock-screen wallpaper that can be won by defeating the six Robot Masters in the original Rockman within a certain time.

As it stands, however, these releases are exclusive to Japan with no word of a Western release as of this writing.

Source: Famitsu, via Protodude's Rockman Corner