Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Looks to Breathe New Life Into the Series

Capcom has found itself in an awkward place in the fighting game market as of late. The release of Street Fighter V focused on the competitive players and sacrificed various features in the process, leading to them falling shy of their projected sales by about half a million.

Fortunately for them, they're not fighting the battle of Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite alone. This time out, it seems that Marvel is lending a major hand in making sure that this one gets done right. In fact, it almost looks like a new beginning for the series -- a soft reboot, perhaps?

“It’s not called Marvel vs. Capcom 4," Marvel Games executive producer Mike Jones pointed out to Yahoo Esports. "There’s a lot of meaning behind the Infinite part. Capcom can make great fighting games. What we’ve never been able to do is tell the story about why these worlds are coming together."

From the sound of things, Capcom gets to focus on making a great fighting game, while Marvel will handle the character and storytelling aspects.

“Storytelling is at the core of everything Marvel does in comics, TV, film, and now games,” Bill Rosemann, creative director for Marvel Games, explained. “That’s what we do. It’s not just characters colliding. There’s a reason for everything. You’ll notice in the backgrounds it looks like the worlds are merged. The question is who did this? These are questions and mysteries that will be answered as you play the game.”

Yahoo Esports goes on to note that "there is greater purpose for their character choices this time around," and look at the inclusion of Mega Man X:

“Mega Man X is far and beyond the most requested on the Capcom side,” Jones stated. “We wanted to get him in there and give the fans what they want.”

Check out the full article on Yahoo Esports to learn even more about the game, such as the reasoning behind the return to more simplistic two-on-two fighting, its freeform tag system, and striking the balance between being complex enough for hardened veterans while still being welcome to newcomers.

Oh, and for those of you wondering about the X-Men more than the (Mega) Man X, the above video interview with Maximilian Dood reveals that Marvel is basically saying "hang on" and "don't worry" on that front. It seems that they really are listening to the fans on this one.

Finally, since Dood brought it up, Magnet_Man sent along this image from NeoGAF user Harpoon which points out the similarities between our silhouetted mystery man from the original trailer and Sigma:

Magnet_Man also puts forth the idea that maybe the two will be playable alone, but will fuse into the final boss. An interesting idea that I'm sure many Mega Man X fans could get behind -- what do you think?