Banjo Guy Ollie Kicks Off Mega Man Month #2 with Heat Man and Quick Man

Earlier this year, Banjo Guy Ollie presented "Mega Man Month," during which he posted a new video weekly featuring his own cover rendition of a Robot Master's stage theme from Mega Man 2.

This apparently did well for him, as he has wasted no time in returning to the Blue Bomber's library of tunes with "Mega Man Month #2!"

First up (besides the promo video above), Ollie is bringin' the heat with Heat Man's theme:

Next, get ready for what might be the quickest banjo tune you've ever heard with Quick Man:

With those out of the way, there are only two Robot Master themes left from Mega Man 2: Bubble Man and Crash Man. Keep an eye on Banjo Guy Ollie's YouTube Channel or Retroware TV for each new update (as well as other great tunes) as they come!