Dreaming Up a Mega Man Loot Crate

Recently, I was contacted by a member of the Loot Crate team with an idea to come up with a "Dream Crate" to talk about here on the site. It sounded like fun, so here we are.

Of course, being a Mega Man fan site, I figure the crate needs to have a decidedly Mega Man -- or at the very least, Mega Man-esque -- theme about it. Incidentally, I've never received any Loot Crates personally, as a matter of budget (both money and space), but I've watched Pat the NES Punk and Frank open up a good few, so I have a general idea of what goes into one.

So, if I were putting together a Mega Man-esque Loot Crate, what would I have in it? Well...

The Mega Man Robot Master Field Guide!

Okay, so this one's admittedly a bit self-indulgent. Just the same, each Loot Crate seems to come with a bit of literature to thumb through, and this one seems like a potentially affordable possibility.

If not that, then maybe something simpler. I don't know if Archie would want to play ball or not, but if they did, then maybe collecting both chapters of "The X Factor" from their Mega Man comic book with a unique cover would be good?

A T-Shirt!

What would a Loot Crate be without a t-shirt? While I like the above TeePublic design, it's just here for illustration purposes -- unless I'm mistaken, Loot Crate does original designs for their shirts, so I imagine whatever they came up with would be something else. Ideally, I'd love a Mega Man/Azure Striker Gunvolt/Mighty No. 9 design, but I'm pretty sure the logistics of getting such a thing approved are pretty much nil. Maybe something with all the different Mega Men on it, though?

A Vinyl Figure!

These seem to be another staple of the Loot Crate, and since Funko seems to be the king of these at the moment, well, I guess that settles that. I think a unique color applied to their mold would be good -- personally, I've always liked the blue/gold and blue/grey schemes.

A Prevasion Pendant!

Okay, this one veers off from the Blue Bomber to the Azure Striker. Still, when it comes to something wearable, I can't help but think that a replica of the pendant which grants Gunvolt his Prevasion ability would be pretty cool. Unfortunately, there doesn't seem to be much in the way of illustrations of the piece (at least that I could find online), so maybe Inti Creates would be willing to help out there?

An E Tank Mug!

This might be pushing it -- the Crate is supposed to have around $50 worth of stuff, and Fangamer is charging $29.99 for the bad boy you see above. Maybe something could be worked out somewhere, though.

A Mega Buster!

Now this one took a little bit of thinking. My initial thought was of the replica helmets that have been out for a while, but that's too big. I considered the miniature version, but then it hit me: As much as I'd love to own one of ThinkGeek's life-size replica Mega Busters, I wouldn't have much room for it (I'm still trying to find a good place I can display the replica Saba from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers my wife got me for Christmas).

But a miniature version? Maybe one that could sit on my desk with a little stand while still having the lights and sounds of the full-size version? That is something I'd love to have.

Or, since the Loot Crate website says they usually pack something in for "utility," maybe they could make a Mega Buster flashlight with optional sound effects? Just a thought. (Incidentally, I would have considered the X-Buster or another design, but then we wouldn't have the cool light bar on the side.)

So that's my thought on what might make a good Mega Man(ish) Loot Crate. I was invited to get wild with it, but I figured I'd play a little more on the conservative side. Who knows? Maybe they'll like the idea and make one based on it in the future.

What do you think? You like? Or do you have your own ideas for what might make a better Loot Crate? Share your thoughts in the comments below!