Mega Man The Board Game is Now Shipping

It's been almost seven months to the day since we last heard anything about this, but here's something that slipped through the cracks over the holidays: over on Kickstarter, Jasco Games has revealed that they've received their shipment of the first run of Mega Man The Board Game, and they're being sent out to backers now!

From their post:

The shipments will include all add-ons and stretch goals. High level backers will have a slight delay as we wait on Gold Boarder cards, T-Shirts, and the Limited Edition Resin sculpt. All backers will be getting the playable Robot Master cards in digital form through kickstarter.

Mind, this update was posted on December 29th, 2015, so some of you may have already received yours now, and if not, it should be soon.

Have you gotten yours? Are you playing it? Simply admiring/displaying the game pieces? Share in the comments below!

News Credit: Destructoid