Take Archie Comics' Reader Survey and Save 30% on Your Order

Alternatively, you can try pestering Veronica to buy them all for you, but this way is probably easier.

So while we know that Archie Comics may be done with making new Mega Man comics for now, we also know that isn't stopping them from selling the ones they've already made.

That brings us to this little point of interest: Archie is conducting a Reader Survey. Complete that, and you'll receive 30 percent off your order from the official Archie Comics store, which -- surprise, surprise -- still has a good few Mega Man books available. On sale, no less, which means you can stack the code for further savings!

And of course, the survey being what it is, there is also a little bit of opportunity to express your love for the Blue Bomber's print adventures (one question in particular even asks which titles you read regularly, with "Mega Man" being an option, plus a field for your own comments).

There's no guarantee anything will come of this, of course, but expressing your affinity for the book to the publisher is not a bad thing to do here, and at the very least, you can save a bit of money on more books in the process -- maybe even get a few to share with friends who haven't discovered the book yet?

There's also no word on how long this survey will be available, so be sure to act before it's too late!