Rumor: Karin Gets Roll'd in Street Fighter V?

So here's a fun little thing for those of you able/interested in checking out Street Fighter V, which comes exclusively to the PlayStation 4 and PC on February 16th.

People have been cracking away at the beta version for a while now, and apparently there has been a recent update. As usual, data miners have done their thing and turned up the following alternate attire model for one of the fighters, the returning Karin:

"My favorite foods include rice balls, sashimi, and your eternal soul."

"Stand back, as I prepare to twirl, twirl, twirl until I turn into Wonder Woman!"

Not much on the face of it, right? But if we add a little color...

Moe: Okay, you're fighting a guy named Boxcar Bob.

Karin: Brawled his way up from the boxcars, did he?

Moe: Uh, no, not yet, he still lives at the trainyard. But he's a hungry young fighter. In fact, he's actually fighting for a sandwich.

That must be some sandwich...

There we are! Throw in some red and a green ribbon, accentuated by her usual blonde hair, and -- well, she's not the spitting image of Roll's usual attire, but the inspiration here is pretty clear.

That said, it arguably really seems to apply only to that one color scheme; some others have been dug up, and they're clearly doing their own thing:

"That black outfit, those golden locks, my evil twin... you must be my Roll-Bass! Bass-Roll! ...Broll?"

"Wait, what?"

One has got style, one has got grace; either one will smash in your face.

And here is where it just loses any real semblance of evoking anything that I can think of. Maybe this is the original? I don't know.

Of course, the game is still in beta and these outfits and other things aren't finalized yet, hence the "rumor" tag at the top. Otherwise, it seems pretty legit, and you can read and see much more beyond the Karin stuff in the links below.

Thanks to Vhyper1985 for the tip!

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