Can You Beat This Mega Man Zero Speedrun?

I'm admittedly not a big follower of speedruns. I check out the odd one here and there sometimes, particularly if it makes headlines or is otherwise brought to my attention., but I'm not a follower of the scene.

That said, there has always been something kind of special about Mega Man Zero speedruns in particular, at least to me. Whether it's admiration because of the rather steep difficulty the series is known for or because something about the way everything runs makes the game just look so damn smooth in the right hands (it's how I like to image "Zero would really do it"), they're always fun to watch.

Which brings us to this speedrun by one "timaeuss22222" on YouTube, who has uploaded the following teaser:

A 100pt, no damage, no Cyber-elves speedrun is the promise here, and one new video per stage will come out per week on their channel here until all 16 are done. By the time this gets posted, there may even already be a few of them available (there's just two others as of this writing).

Thanks for the tip, Michael S!