EMIO Releases Limited Edition Mega Man Headphones

Let's say you want to rock the Blue Bomber helmet look, but don't want to go into full-on head protection mode. Or maybe you just want to roll with some tunes from the series, but in style.

Either way, EMIO has you covered as they've just released a set of limited-edition Mega Man HD LED headphones. Behold!

Going by the product name, one assumes that the quality of these headphones is in high definition and that there is some sort of LED functionality. However, the official website listing is bereft of details, leaving us to only wonder. Well, wonder and ask, but the latter doesn't seem to have panned out for Nintendo News just yet.

What we do know is that these limited edition headphones go for $99.99 a pop, and if you live outside of the United States? Tough luck; maybe we just didn't want it hard enough (he wrote with a bit of sarcasm from his home in Canada).

Oh, and though these are limited edition, there's no word yet on just how limited. Seems that there's really more that EMIO isn't telling people about these headphones than what they are.

While you mull that purchase prospect over, you might also be interested in their non-limited edition Mega Man analog stick grips for Xbox One, Xbox 360, and DualShock gamepads.

Thanks to Ian Flynn for the tip!