Man of Action Entertainment's Duncan Rouleau Talks Mega Man

The Long Beach Comic Con was held on September 12th and 13th this year, and among the guests was one Duncan Rouleau of Man of Action Entertainment, who is at work on the upcoming Mega Man animated series for 2017. There, Nerd Reactor's Chris Del Castillo had the opportunity to catch up with him for a few moments to talk about the Blue Bomber's return to the small screen.

In describing the scenario as combination of game-based and new material, Rouleau notes that some of the backstory will be different with "a few surprises," as well as Easter eggs for fans, but that it will essentially be a show for a new audience. "It's going to introduce all the concepts that I think everybody loves about Mega Man, but maybe in a slightly different way than they've seen it before," he says.

The Mega Man that you knew and fell in love with is still going to be the same Mega Man. He's going to be the younger version of him (because there's been a couple of different versions of him over the years), a lot of familiar villains and some new ones -- some major new ones.

He also addresses the rumors of a Mega Man movie coming from Fox, noting that it hasn't been a part of their discussions and that he would be surprised if they wouldn't bring that up, if only so neither party's material would be getting in the way of the other's.

In addition to talking about what he loves about the games and Robot Masters, he also took part in a Man of Action Entertainment panel wherein the Blue Bomber project was discussed further (skip to 9:54 if you want to get directly to that part).

They note that they're still at a point in development where they can't say a lot, as some of the things they're doing are still "kind of changing." They also say they've been working closely with Dentsu Entertainment and Capcom, including working with people in Japan who have been doing the designs while they try to handle stories that will appeal more to western audiences.

Thanks to Chris for passing this along!