The Game OverThinker's 10 Games That Should Have 'Maker' Games

The gaming world has been abuzz over the past few weeks with the release of Nintendo Super Mario Maker for the Wii U, and while a number of players have had fun recreating their favorite stages from other games (much as numerous people have recreated World 1-1 in every other level editor known to man), there has been an increasing call for other publishers to follow suit with some of their best-known titles.

Among those calling for other franchises to follow Mario's lead as they have with kart, party, and role playing games in the past is MovieBob, aka "The Game OverThinker." In this week's edition of his ScrewAttack show, he looks at ten games that should have "Makers" of their own. Naturally, as one might expect (being posted here and all), there is a slot dedicated to a Blue Bomber builder:

Of course, worth noting is that this is nowhere near new territory for Mega Man. While some fans have taken matters into their own hands, 2006 brought us the level editor in Mega Man Powered Up, but after nearly a decade on a portable console that not all that many people owned coupled with not being available on the PlayStation Store outside of Japan, we're left wanting for an easily-accessible, easily-usable platform on which to create our own Mega Man levels.

And it goes without saying that Capcom missed the opportunity to potentially pioneer the genre themselves a few years ago as they cancelled Mega Man Universe; perhaps Super Mario Maker's success will lead to them reconsidering the project? After all, if they aren't planning to produce any new Mega Man titles of their own, maybe they'd consider allowing fans a toolbox the size of Mega Man Legacy Collection (or bigger) a significant enough bone until they decide what they want to do with the franchise going forward?

Thanks to GeminiSparkSP for the tip!