Mega Man Fans Get to Work Repurposing Super Mario Maker

At long last, Super Mario Maker arrived for the Wii U on the 11th of September, and at least one Blue Bomber fan has wasted no time in repurposing the Mushroom Kingdom-making tools to make Mario's world Megafied.

YouTube user Megacocorock has uploaded two stages remade from Mega Man 2, designed to use the Mega Man costume to help make the experience a little more authentic. Just know that the stage music was added externally, as that's not a feature of the game.

Incidentally, Mega Man isn't the only one getting some out-of-universe love; TheRealSonicFan has recreated the Green Hill Zone from Sonic the Hedgehog as well, but it could be argued that the results aren't quite as close as what Mega Man fans are likely to get from this.

Have you got Super Mario Maker yet? I'm still working off of my review copy (I posted my thoughts on the early going here), so I'm not in the thick of things yet, but I do have some ideas stewing. But if you've been at work recreating stages like the above, feel free to share your level codes in the comments below!

Thanks to Spin Attaxx and Vhyper1985 for the tips!