Mega Man Makes GameTrailers' Top 10 'Collections We Want'

If there is one thing that GameTrailers has no apparent shortage of, it's love for Mega Man. Once again, they've compiled a Top 10 list and once again, there is a Blue Bomber in attendance.

This time, it's the "Top 10 Collections We Want," examining the possibility of various compilations of gaming greatness into a single tantalizing package. Even with Mega Man Legacy Collection on the way with a "Criterion Collection" approach to the original six Nintendo Entertainment System games, that still leaves six other Mega Man series to be potentially rounded up in some form or fashion. So what made the cut?

Of course, let's face it: Most of us want all the games in all the different collections possible, and then more new games so that they have to redo it all again later. But for the sake of argument -- and let's leave the Classic series out, to keep it interesting, even though many of us do want the remaining games rounded up as well -- which one series do you want to see rounded up into one definitive edition?