TMMN Goes to Otakon

As you might recall, I was off to Otakon a couple of weeks ago. But in all the time I was there, I never stopped thinking about you guys... except when I was doing other stuff. Then I sort of paused.

But I never stopped! And due to the old cathode ray-tube of a mind I've got, my brain is experiencing some serious burn-in as a result. I might have to take it in. Wait, do they have places like that any more?

Ah, but I digress; while the OtaRockman gatherings and panels of past years are just that -- in the past -- there was still some Blue Bomber love to see and enjoy. I, armed with my handy-dandy iPhone camera at all times, made sure to take pictures of what Mega Man-related goodness I could during my stay. So enjoy!

This gent was the first sign of anything Mega Man-ish I saw during the first day of the 'con. Of course, something was a little off...

I don't watch Game of Thrones, but I'm familiar enough to get a kick out of it when he explained -- as his name tag says, as well -- that he was "Snow Man."

Well played, good sir. Creativity in cosplay always makes for a more interesting con-going experience.

My original intent was to avoid the dealer's room, as I knew I probably couldn't afford anything there, anyway. But some friends were going down there and, for lack of anything better to do, I ventured forth anyway.

I wasn't able to stay long, as I had a Nintendo photoshoot to get to, but I did spot some Mega Man plush toys during my brief stay, as well as some cloth Mega Man helmets. More to come later.

At said Nintendo shoot, a familiar whistle was heard -- Proto Man!

Thanks to the diversity of Super Smash Bros. and its Mii Fighter costumes, he was able to fit in with that set and the above "miscellaneous" characters.

Hope rode alone, however, as he was the only Mega Man character at the shoot.

More cosplay! And a very impressive Zero at that. The level of detail here is quite awesome -- I've seen official merchandise that doesn't look as good as this one does!

Longtime OtaRockman and fandom friend Wolfshadow appeared with her fiance, who is depicting X. I know the design isn't right at all for it, but the color scheme of her kimono makes me think of X's Cyber-elf form from the Mega Man Zero series.

And here, rocking the shoulder cannon, we have Vile just before he goes on a Hyrulian killing spree and gives us the Fallen Hero timeline. Thank you, Vile!

I was coerced back to the dealer's room when I was told by a roommate of an "old," big Mega Man model kit. Turns out this was it; admittedly, I expected something a little more vintage than 2011. Maybe she meant that the Mega Man was old, and not the kit?

I still want this and the other Kotobukiya kits, but money isn't that nice to me. Speaking of which, I forget offhand, but I'm pretty sure that sticker says "$40" and not "$400," in case anyone was wondering.

Down below in the same booth were these Mega Man keychains. I didn't even notice the first time that they had little Famicom cartridges of the games attached!

Not sure what year these are from -- presumably more recent, since that's how these things tend to roll -- or of the price, because I don't hate myself enough to ask.

Spotted this booth on the way out of the dealer's room, rather than the artist's alley, as I ran away with tears in my eyes from my inability to buy anything. I assure you it was all very dramatic and not at all pathetic.

Some neat Mega Man X and Zero fan art going on here, but maybe these were the guys who bought up several huge booths in the artist's alley and were told to move? I know that happened to someone, but I don't know if it was these guys.

Photo courtesy of JackScarab

Finally, I saw this Sniper Joe at a distance, but wasn't able to take my own picture (thanks, Scarab!). Sadly, I don't know if Proto Man from above ever got into it with him over who the original was.

And that pretty much wraps it up! Now, if you're interested in a broader non-Mega Man-centric view of my trip and more pictures, head over to PoisonMushroom.Org, where just such a recap awaits!