MMLC: Trophies, Achievements, and All the Little Things That Will Make You Run Your Head Into the Wall

Different people gain satisfaction in different ways from winning at video games.

For some, it's merely enough to make it to the end, while for others, it's a matter of finding absolutely everything. There are those who make a point to complete the game in the quickest time, or without taking a single point of damage -- or even both at the same time!

Then you have those who seek out high scores and ranking atop online leaderboards, while others -- in lieu of a proper scoring system -- seek a similar satisfaction from being rewarded for completing certain meta-gaming tasks assigned by developers. Call them what you will -- Achievements, Trophies, stamps, medals, whatever. Regardless of the name, Microsoft has made something of a standard in the industry by requiring them in the games, and the fever has spread.

As such, whenever a new game comes out on a leading platform these days, the question is not whether or not they'll feature such a list of accomplishments, but rather what they will be. And by way of a post from Gregaman on Capcom Unity, we have our answer for the soon-to-be-released Mega Man Legacy Collection.

Unfortunately, you'll have to visit this link in order to properly view the lists, as the chart format used doesn't transfer well to our interface. For the short version, know that they're largely what you would expect: an achievement for beating each game, all six games, beating various quantities of Challenges, and even a few for certain Challenges.

They're certainly nothing to get bent out of shape over, but collecting them all does provide an extra little way to experience the games one more time for those already well-versed in the series.