New Mega Man Legacy Collection Info Comes to Light

Following the announcement of Mega Man Legacy Collection, some additional information emerged in June, but things have largely been quiet since... at least, until recently. When I wasn't looking (and even a bit before that), Capcom Unity has come forth with some new updates about the compilation.

Greg "GregaMan" Moore posted to Capcom Unity a feature update which talks about what you'll find in addition to the games themselves: 50 challenges, the Museum which will "surround [the games] with of-the-era art and fliers to really complete the "time capsule" feeling," a music player, the enemy database, the inclusion of flicker and slowdown, and a look at all the optional borders, screen displays, and filters included as well. For a look at the new screens and how they relate to these features, click here.

Of the lack of inclusion of later Mega Man Classic titles, GregaMan offers this:

While I do have a special place in my heart for MM7, it and the 32-bit MM8 aren't part of MMLC's goal to archive and preserve the 8-bit titles that started it all. Their uniform look and late 80s/early 90s tech make them great candidates for Digital Eclipse's preservation efforts, while the 16- and 32-bit entries would require different techniques. Instead of using typical emulation, DE is "rebuilding" these six games in the Eclipse Engine using original source assets.

In addition, the following rundown video was posted to the Capcom Unity YouTube channel while I was away (thanks for the tip, Vhyper1985!):

Finally, I've got the opportunity to interview the developers about this release. Since this new information has come up since they agreed to it, I'm more or less starting from scratch and rebuilding my list of questions, and I figured that you all might like to be involved.

So if there is still something nagging at you about this release, some bit of info that hasn't been covered yet, leave a question in the comments below and over the weekend (or before, if the comments section slows down enough), I'll go through and add the most interesting ones to my own!

Oh, and there is no release date announced yet. Maybe soon!