Even the Worst Unused Mega Man Bad Guys Get Showered with Praise

Continuing this week's de facto theme of Mega Man Legacy Collection content, Philip Kollar of Polygon has scoured the archives of the collection's Museum to compile a list of the "10 worst Mega Man bad guys (that never made it into a game)."

What's funny about this list, however, is that despite trumpeting them as the "10 worst," the entire article showers many of those who ranked with praise and adulation. The "elephant borg" pictured at right? It -- or at least its choice of eye fashion -- are described as "rad as hell." Or rather, "rad as hell."

And really, that describes so much of Mega Man in a nutshell, doesn't it? That even a lot of the rejected material is enjoyable in some form or fashion, and even has the potential to come alive again in new forms.

That said, are there any rejected concepts you've discovered in the game (or heck, throughout many of the recent Official Complete Works art books) that you would love to see receive a second chance?