Capcom UK on Mega Man Legacy Collection: No Physical Release for Europe

When Capcom UK took to their Facebook page to herald today's release of Mega Man Legacy Collection, the question was put forth by one fan about whether or not the same physical release option Capcom USA previously announced would be available in due time.

Their response?

"No physical release for Europe planned" is all they had to say on the matter.

To give the devil their due here, it's not exactly like there are a lot of details about the physical releases, period, except that they're coming next year and -- for reasons yet to be defined -- will cost twice as much as the digital download. As such, one could potentially read into this as there not being anything planned right now, with the possibility that could change in due time.

Or not. Either way, that's a little something for those mulling it over across the pond to consider before making whatever move they intend to towards the release.

Thanks to Vhyper1985 for the heads-up!