Winners of Mega Man Legacy Collection Box Art Contest Revealed

Over on Capcom Unity, they've recently wrapped up and judged the winners of their art contest to redesign box art for one of the six games featured in Mega Man Legacy Collection, with six winners each receiving a copy of the compilation.

Alongside each winning piece are comments from various Mega Man authorities, from producers of the Legacy Collection to Ucchy-san from Rockman Unity.

Every game had a winner except for poor old Mega Man 4, while the original game had two worthy winners, including the reimagining of Bad Box Art Mega Man as something just a little closer to the Blue Bomber's original form, as seen here at right.

To see all six winners and the comments accompanying them, just click right here. Plus, if you'd like to see how Chamba of UDON Entertainment would reimagine each, just click the following links: