Pixel Dan Reviews Kid Robot's SDCC-exclusive Mega Man & Break Man Figures

Over the course of the year, we've brought you word of Kid Robot's 7-inch vinyl figures of Mega Man and Proto Man, with the more recent announcement last month of a pair of special variants exclusive to the San Diego Comic-Con: Mega Man in a reddish-orange and white attire and Break Man.

Normally, I'm more than happy to do my own reviews for The Mega Man Network, but seeing as SDCC is completely out of the question for me and -- much as I'd love to own them -- these are nowhere near my radar, I'm happy to turn this one over to Retroware TV's resident toy guru, Pixel Dan:

Overall, these figures seem pretty cool if you can get them, and -- if I may editorialize here a bit (whoops, too late...) -- I don't think we can get enough Break Man merchandise. Bandai's Figuarts has been pretty quiet on the Mega Man front as of late -- can we still hope they might provide a combination Proto Man/Break Man figure as well?