Vaycay Time!

via MMKB

Okay, so just a quick update to say that by the time you read this, I'm going to be (or very busy preparing to be) on a bus headed for Otakon in Baltimore. That's where I'll be for the better part of this week, and I'm not getting back until sometime Tuesday.

Until then, updates on the site might be a tad slow. I'm scheduling a few things I've got sitting around to keep things going, at least through the rest of this week, but the more "day of" stuff -- that is, "A Critical Look at Mega Man 7 Stages" and the Worlds Unite review -- will have to wait until next week. Also, any new tips 'n things won't really be accessible by me until I get back, so hopefully there won't be another "Red Ash moment."

For any wondering, I don't know that there will be much of an "OtaRockman" gathering this year -- due to various factors, several of the cornerstones of that gathering won't be in attendance, but I'll try to get pictures of any cool Mega Man (or Mega Man-esque) cosplay or stuff I see.