Commodore Brings Battle Network to Life with New PET Smartphone

Every now and then, there's a point where the things we see in our favorite games -- including Mega Man titles, of course -- overlaps with reality.

The latest such instance comes from an unusual place: Commodore. Yes, that Commodore (or at least an iteration of it), for those of you old enough to remember them. According to an article on Wired, it looks like the computer company is looking to break into the smartphone business with their own branded "PET" phone.

Incidentally, while this does make for an amusing coincidence for any Mega Man Battle Network fans who have always wanted to carry around their own "PErsonal Terminals," their chosen name actually comes from a line of personal computers the company produced back in 1977, the "Personal Electronic Transactor."

For those interested in the Android 5.0 Lollipop-powered device, whether for tongue-in-cheek "living the dream" purposes or some other reason, you can find out more about this Commodore by hustling over to Wired.

Thanks to Andrew for the tip!