USgamer Talks Red Ash with Keiji Inafune, Plus Full Game Tier Update

Following the update from yesterday, USgamer's Jeremy Parish has taken the opportunity to do a quick Q&A session with Comcept's Keiji Inafune about the Red Ash Kickstarter and how things are going so far.

Among the questions asked are why they chose to announce the Kickstarter when they did (rather than wait for Mighty No. 9 to launch), why there was originally an absence of consoles in the pitch (even among stretch goals), how his approach to Red Ash will differ from his approach to Mega Man Legends 3, and whether or not poor MegaMan Volnutt will ever get off the moon. There is also the question of what happens if this Kickstarter fails to reach its goal:

If for some reason Red Ash fails to hit its campaign goal, will you take that as a sign that this concept isn't commercially viable? Or will you continue to seek a way to bring this world and spirit back to life?  
KI: There are several reasons why a project might not be successful. Since we are not yet sure of RA's success or failure, this is a difficult question to answer.  
I try not to think about the possibility of RA's Kickstarter failing, but in the event that it does, I will not give up on creating it, no matter what challenges lay before me.

The full interview, including the complete answer to that question, can all be found right here.

As of this writing, the Kickstarter itself has cleared the halfway point towards its initial goal: 5,147 backers have pledged $411,670 of the $800,000 goal with 16 days left.

In addition, besides a second staff member introduction, the Red Ash Kickstarter has updated with a tier update which now makes the full game a reward:

Tier Update
It only takes a pledge of $25 or more to get a digital copy of “The KalKanon Incident”, the prologue to RED ASH.
NOW, when you pledge $79 or more, you will also receive the entirety of RED ASH (main story, estimated at 12 additional hours) when it’s released! How’s that for an upgrade?
For Not-Yet-Backers
If you pledge today, you will receive the main story of RED ASH for an exclusive pledge price of $49 (normally $79 and up). This offer ends TODAY, July 17th, 24:00 California time (July 18th, 16:00 Japan time).
For Already-Backers
If you have already pledged $49 or more, you’ve been upgraded to receive the main story of RED ASH! This is our thanks to you for being an early supporter of RED ASH!
For backers who have not yet pledged $49 or more, you are eligible to receive the main story of RED ASH if upgrade your pledge to $49 or more TODAY (July 17th), by 24:00 California time (July 18th, 16:00 Japan time).
(If you are miss pledging before this specified time, you will need to pledge $79 and up to receive the main story of RED ASH.)

Full details can be found here, but that's a pretty short window in which to partake of the new option.