Full Red Ash Animatic Among Recent Updates

As the Red Ash Kickstarter continues on, a new update has been added by the folks at Comcept. For this one, a new video has been added, giving us a better look at what was transpiring in the animatic portion of the original Kickstarter video:

For those who can't view it, the preface reads:

This video is a simple animatic that was created to convey the world of "RED ASH" to the rest of the development team and comcept staff.
Originally, there were no plans to release it to the public, however we felt that it would be a good way to show everyone the type of style and atmosphere we are aiming for with the game. Therefore, we decided to include it in our Kickstarter campaign.
We hope you enjoy this full unabridged version!

As of this writing, the Red Ash video game Kickstarter has 5,052 backers who have donated $396,156 of the $800,000 goal (so not even half) with 17 days remaining. Meanwhile, the anime is faring only a bit better; with the same time remaining, 1,261 backers have contributed $81,615 towards their $150,000 goal -- a bit more than half.

In terms of other updates, the anime side has answered the question of "What is a 'Magicicada?'" and added a new character design. For the game side, the "Backer Only Console Port Preliminary Poll" is up, but only backers can see it, of course. There's also a guide on how to use Kickstarter for Japanese fans who are interested in supporting the project.

Beyond that, there's not a whole lot else to report -- the animatic is the big thing, and arguably something that should have been rolled out sooner if they wanted people to see their vision.

That said, if you are looking for something more to read about the game, I would strongly recommend checking out Kobun20's article (which you might have already seen through TMMN's Rock Tumblr/Twitter/Facebook) over at the Reploid Research Lavatory -- it articulates some things pretty well, I believe.