Red Ash Shooting for a Console Release... But Which One?

Among other updates made since the Kickstarter launched, Comcept has made one particularly significant one due to fan demand. However, this has created some further controversy.

When it was announced, Red Ash was destined for a PC release, with a console version being a far-away dream. Due to fan demand and some rejiggering of the stretch goals, the Kickstarter needs to raise      $1,000,000 USD to add a console port of the game to their objectives, while $1,500,000 is now the benchmark needed to add Episodes IV and V.

So, what's the downside, you may be wondering? The console port is for a single console, yet to be determined.

Ideally we would love to port the game to all 3 current home consoles: PS4/Xbox One/Wii U. But porting Mighty No.9 taught us exactly how much it costs to port to a single console (which includes not only the port work itself, but also debugging and all other costs that add up). We take our ports seriously, and though there may be some sticker shock at the cost, we are planning wisely with the money from your support!

Beyond that, they go on to say that they will still need to negotiate with each of the platform holders, though they remain "confident" in taking on an assignment of this scale due to their team's prior experience with the consoles.

Furthermore, while Comcept will be sending a preliminary poll out soon so backers can let them know which console they want the game to hit "first," there will be a final vote taken by survey once the campaign ends.

This has set some people off, as the idea that knowing which console will be the lucky one would only be determined once the campaign is over seems to deter people from pledging anything at all. After all, why would anyone want to back a game they only have a one in three chance of playing?

Still, language is important. "First" is quoted above, as that's exactly what they said on their update, which seems to imply that they have intent of bringing it to other consoles in the longer term, but for now must determine the "lead" console -- not an uncommon practice for many multiplatform titles, as those who follow general video game news are no doubt already aware.

Aside from the console news, they also posted the piece of art seen above, a more detailed depiction of Call and Gofer on the motorcycle they're seen with in the Kickstarter video's animatic portion. On that same note, that part of the video itself has also been updated:

This is a video meant to give everyone a taste of the world of RED ASH, so we think it’s appropriate to gradually update the story scenes as time goes on as well. We actually have more art content, but some scenes were cut for various reasons. We may add some of these scenes back, so let us know your thoughts in the comments!

Thanks to Pedro for the tip!