Mighty -- er, Gal Gunvolt Coming to PlayStation 4 and Vita in Japan

So, here's something interesting that Lance tossed my way...

In Japan, it appears that Inti Creates is releasing their 8-bit styled bonus game from the release of Azure Striker Gunvolt, Mighty Gunvolt, for the PlayStation Vita. Curiously, however, they've changed the name to reflect Gunvolt's eponymously-overlooked other costar, Gal*Gun, instead of Mighty No. 9.

Why'd they change it? I can't say. Guess they liked it better that way.

In any case, the digital-only release will be available on August 6th for 500 yen, or roughly $5 USD. If you've got one of those fancy Japanese PlayStation Network accounts, then you should be able to get this, if you so desire. Beyond that, there aren't any further details about the game at the moment, except that it's apparently going to be Japan-exclusive.

If you happen to be in Japan, though, the banner above announces that it will be playable alongside Gal Gun: Double Peace, Mighty No. 9Ray Gigant, and The Witch and the Hundred Knight Revival at the Cross News Midsummer Game Experience Gathering in Akihabara, which takes place on July 20th.

Sources: 4Gamer.net via Gematsu