Rockman X6 Comes to Japan's PlayStation Network Next Week (Update)

Those who listened to the Capcom Unity crew's recent appearance on the Retronauts podcast a couple of weeks ago already knew that the prospects for a western release of Mega Man X6 on the PlayStation Network were kind of iffy. In addition to wrangling with the rights issues to the licensed music included, the fact that the game isn't exactly the most popular in the series may have made going to the effort a lower priority than, say, trying to get the more widely-desired Mega Man Legends games over here first.

That hasn't stopped Japan, however! For whatever reason separates how things are done on each side of the Pacific, it seems that various sources (including @Capcom_Retro on Twitter) are saying that Rockman X6 is coming to the service next week. July 8th, to be precise, for those keeping track and have an account capable of purchasing it.

Nothing out of Capcom Unity so far about any further developments on this front, though, so it looks like we'll just have to keep waiting. I'll update this if there's anything to add.

Edit: Ah, that was quick. From Brett Elston of Capcom Unity: "No plans at this time, but given the recent response to Strider 2, [The Misadventures of] Tron Bonne, [Mega Man] X4-X5, and MM8, we're always considering additional titles for the PS[one] Classics series."

Oh, and on a related note, a minor miracle has occurred in that Rival Schools 2 (which had no western release) is apparently coming out on PSN the same day. There has long been talk (rumors, perhaps? I'm not sure) that the holdout for those games and others (such as Saturday Night Slam Masters) involves the artists involved owning the character designs, thus creating complications.

Here's hoping that further movement on these fronts mean that whoever is drawing up contracts for Capcom today is doing a better job than whoever did it in the 90s.

Thanks for the tip, Vhyper1985!