Mega Man Goes Apocalyptic with this Backlit NES

You may remember that a couple of years ago, Platinumfungi dropped us a line about a special custom backlit Nintendo Entertainment System featuring a Mega Man deco that he had put together. Fast forward to now, and he's at it once again, collaborating with artists Noel McEwen and Gary Bedell to bring to life a custom NES with an apocalyptic theme.

Gary, an illustrator who has worked for such companies as Disney and Nickelodeon, created the above scene of Mega Man fighting a variety of Robot Masters while protecting Roll, with Proto Man doing his part off in the distance.

Meanwhile, Noel brought his airbrushing experience with motorcycles, cars, and helmets to the video game world for this piece. Rust and battle damage abound, with an added touch of a caution railing across the top that acts as a nod to Guts Man's stage.

Complementing all of this are the real bolts fastened to the side, along with the circular portholes along the sides which give off an "eerie glow" when activated at night.

"This was an interesting challenge, and rather different than my usual custom NES art systems," Platinumfungi says. "I hope you enjoy!"

The piece is currently on display at Gallery iam8bit in Los Angeles, California. However, if you can't get out there to see it, you can find more pics in the gallery below.