Check Out the Latest Iteration of 'Megacraft'

You might recall an edition of Ripot's Round-Up from just under a year ago that featured a fan modification of Mojang's popular Minecraft game called "Megacraft Classic." Simply put, the pack converted pretty much everything in the normal game into something a little more Mega Man-esque.

"Classic Mega Man games are known for their unique artwork. The painting in the bottom-right corner is the one I had the most fun producing."

Mod creator "The Creature Keeper" didn't stop following that pack's release, however, oh no. Since then, more and more has been added to the pack. From the Imgur page:

This is a complete retexturing. Every block, every item, every mob, every color map, every sound, every piece of music, every splash message on the title screen, and every environmental factor has been retextured. Nothing has been left unconverted.
Unlike, say, the New Super Mario Bros. series, every Mega Man game has a unique look. No two levels are ever the same, and I strove to convey that by giving every single block a unique texture even where the vanilla resource pack doesn't, such as for every color of glass, wool, clay, and wood planks.
I thoroughly exploited Release 1.8's new randomized texture feature. Many individual blocks have quite a few variations in their graphics and animations, some more subtle than others. I might have overdone it, in fact. This personal project of mine has come to feel like the work of a madman.

"In fact, I finally decided, why stop with in-game sprites and tilesets? I can't believe that there was a perfect set of gold armor begging to be adapted and I didn't think to include it until this latest release."

You can find more images, descriptions, and options for downloading the mod here. And, if you happen to be on Reddit, you'll find that The Creature Keeper is answering questions about the conversion here.

Thanks to The Creature Keeper for the tips!