Monster Hunting Palico... Mega Meow!

This one just so very nearly passed us by, but thanks to a tip from Vhyper1985, we're reminded of the Mega Man Palico equipment for Monster Hunter 4 Ultimate that we told you about all the way back in October. And it's available now-- for free throughout the month of May, no less!

It's a bountiful bundle that Capcom has prepared for owners of the Nintendo 3DS game, packed with Mega Man, Street Fighter, and even Metroid love! Here is the breakdown of the contents, courtesy of Yuri Araujo on Capcom Unity:

Hunter equipment:
- Metroid's Varia Suit
- Metroid's Zero Suit
- Metroid's Arm Cannon
- Taiko Drum Master Hunting Horn
- USJ's Star Rook armor
- USJ's Starlight Axe Charge Blade
Palico equipment:
- Mega Man
- Blanka
- Chun-Li
- USJ's F Star
- Cha-Cha
- Kayamba

Altogether, you get:

14 New quests
5 New weapons
3 Complete armor sets
6 Palico weapons
6 Palico armor sets
1 Bonus Palico: Yellow Pal
3 Guild Card backgrounds
2 Guild Card poses
15 Guild Card titles
1 Poogie outfit: Kitchen Pig
 items sold by the Wycoon

To acquire all of these goodies is simple: Have your Nintendo 3DS connected to the internet, load the game, open the DLC menu, and download away!