Original Cover Art for Mega Man #47 Up for Auction

Tristan "T-Rex" Jones has announced that he is running an auction on eBay for the original art used in creating the cover of Mega Man #47, "The Ultimate Betrayal" part 3. The art features the shadowy visage of Doc Robot walking down a corridor of capsules:

"I figure these are probably better off in the hands of fans than sitting in my drawers, so I've decided to offer them up to the digital auction ether that is eBay!" says Jones, whose auction currently sits at a starting bid of $150 with a Buy It Now of $250 and just over six days left before the auction closes on Thursday, March 19th.

What's more, ten percent of the sale of the item will go to benefit the World Wildlife Fund.

You can find and bid on the auction here, and see the finished version of the cover as it appears on variant issues of the comic book here.