Worlds Unite Teaser Image Hints at a Much Bigger Picture

This is going to be an interesting week...

IGN has posted what is the first of what should be a week of teases as we head towards Archie Comics' second epic crossover event, "Worlds Unite." To get us started, they show us what we already know...

...with a rather large hint of what we don't. Mega Man, X, Sonic, and Sticks were all revealed and given at this point, but the rest? The rest here seems to hint at a much bigger picture.

How many silhouettes can you recognize? The one that catches our eye is the winged one on the right-- if that's from any Sonic or Mega Man game, we're blanking on it at the moment.

Feel free to identify, speculate, and otherwise guess at who else is in the picture in the comments below. Some answers will be revealed tomorrow, and we'll keep you updated.

In the meantime, you can see what editor Paul Kaminski and writer Ian Flynn have to say about the event here.