The Robotic Age RPG Tries for Mars Once Again

We've talked about the tabletop role playing game The Robotic Age here twice before, but in case you're unfamiliar, here's the rundown (assuming you don't feel like clicking the links): It's a crowd funded venture which has already released one set of custom rules for a tabletop RPG experience based on numerous robots from science fiction, including Mega Man (with further sets for different iterations available and forthcoming).

Unfortunately, the second venture-- The Robotic Age: Mars-- did not meet its funding goals on Kickstarter the last time around, netting only $3,217 pledged towards their $4,500 goal. They're giving it another go, however, this time with a reduced goal of $2,000. Seeing as they raised more than that last time, they'll hopefully have more success this time, and are already $1,020 of the way there with 26 days to go.

For those interested in further reading about the project, including rules updates, check out their blog here.

Thanks to Chaos Wolf for the tip!