Proto Man Still Ain't Fond of Sniper Joe in UFS

Wow, it's been quite some time since we last heard anything about Jasco Games' Mega Man cards for the Universal Fighting System collectible card game around these parts, and this one slipped under our radar for just a bit.

Over at Rockman Corner, Protodude has gotten his hands on some sales sheets which reveal the "Rise of the Masters" decks and cards which are to be available in March. Have a look!

Gotta love that original art there.

Keep in mind that by the look of these, it seems these are for retailer purchases, not necessarily for sale as-is to the general public, though we;re sure if you wanted to buy eight starter decks together, no one would care to stop you.

We'll see if we can get some more information about the releases for you, and if we do get anything, we'll have it for you here. Not "here" here, in this story, but here on the website.

But you knew that, right?