MatterFall: Tron x Maverick Hunter?

Begging your indulgence for just a tick, but a game announced at Paris Games Week by Sony Computer Entertainment and XDEV for the PlayStation 4 was brought to my attention recently by way of a tip from @ladambell on Twitter.

Titled MatterFall, it was billed to me as looking like a cross between Disney's Tron and Armature Studio's unapproved "Maverick Hunter" pitch. See for yourself:

With the arm cannon forming around the Iron Man-esque armor and blasting everything into voxels, I can certainly see why the comparison is apt.

That said, much like Keiji Inafune, Armature Studio, and Microsoft Game Studios' joint venture earlier this year, ReCore, I'm not convinced that this is "Mega Man-esque" enough to be covered continuously as such on the site. For now, I just wanted to bring it to the attention of anyone here who it might appeal to and see what the general feedback would be, and whether this is something you're interested in me keeping up with.

More details can be found at the PlayStation Blog, and you're free to discuss it in the comments below.