Mega Man Legacy Collection Goes to Japan as Rockman Classics Collection

Unlike the Mega Man Anniversary Collection from a decade ago, it appears that the recently-released Mega Man Legacy Collection is headed to Japan, predictably under a new name: Rockman Classics Collection.

Along with this news comes a bit of information regarding a limited edition physical release for the Nintendo 3DS, aka "the platform whose release we haven't heard much about."

Seen at right, Destructoid reports that this package will be released on February 25th, 2016, and will retail for 9,709 yen, or about $80. For that price, you get the game, a 2016 notebook, a sticky note set, and bookmarks. Both the limited and normal releases will also come with two Nintendo 3DS Home screen themes, which you can see here:

Hopefully those will be available in the west in one way or another.

Visiting the official webpage and looking around, you can find some screens of the Nintendo 3DS version in action, giving us some idea of what to expect from the pending release here. Interestingly, clicking Rush on the "Top" screen also plugs Mega Man's appearance in Super Smash Bros. for Wii U/Nintendo 3DS.

As for other systems' releases, Rockman Classics Collection appears to be coming to all the same platforms that Mega Man Legacy Collection did -- eventually. They're each listed for a 2016 release, but nothing more specific than that.

There may be other details decipherable by someone with a working knowledge of Japanese, so if that describes you and you've spotted something of interest, feel free to detail it in the comments below! For now, here's a nice shot of the cover art as provided by Midori, who notes that it makes a good cell phone wallpaper: