It's the Final Countdown for Project Miracle-M

When I first reported on the Indiegogo game "Project Miracle-M" at the start of the month, opinions seemed rather divided about it. Now, the campaign is approaching the end of its run, and its creator reached just reached out to me with some new footage of the game's prototype, perhaps in the hopes it may sway some who are sitting on the fence.

Check it out:

"The video shows how combat profiles are used, and also Max’s shots at full power with 80% energy," the description reads. "Please note that this is a prototype and the final product may change. For the better, of course."

There are 31 hours left to go on the Indiegogo campaign, and -- to be frank -- it would take a miracle for them to reach their proposed goal. With that in mind, Indiegogo does not require a campaign to meet its goal for the recipient to get the money pledged, so if you would like to show support, I'm sure anything would be nonetheless appreciated at this point.