Brett Elston Says Farewell to Capcom Unity

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It's always a bit sad to hear when a member of the Capcom Unity staff who had been good to the Mega Man fandom has left the company, and today marks that day for one Brett Elston, who is making his departure after four years as the Capcom Unity Community Manager.

In the time since joining Capcom Unity, Brett Elston, aka "Brelston," has done more than simply manage the community. Among his achievements is helping fill the Virtual Console on Nintendo's eShop with nearly every Blue Bomber title to grace the company's many platforms, bring together two tribute albums, and most recently (and arguably impressively), helping pave the way for Mega Man Legends to be released on the PlayStation Store at long last, as well as its companion title The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. (With any luck, perhaps Mega Man Legends 2 will come along soon as the exclamation point to it all.)

And that's not even touching on stuff he's done that isn't about Mega Man.

When not mugging for the camera, some of Brelston's many achievements include (clockwise from top right): captaining a Federation starship, becoming a part of the Weapon X project, getting all the panels in Puzzle Swap before Nintendo released a new one, finding true love in his left arm, stealing Gargamel's formula for drinking Smurfs, and becoming Cameron Diaz's boyfriend.

For Brelston's full farewell message, including more of what he's done and what he's learned in his time at Capcom, check out his blog post here (and if you have a Capcom Unity account, you can leave him a farewell message. Otherwise, you can post below and perhaps he'll see it). Oh, and there's his Twitter. That's a thing, too.

Thanks for the tip, GeminiSparkSP! And thanks to you, Brelston, for all your support!