The Completionist Takes On the First Three Mega Man Games

The folks over at The Completionist recently took up Mega-arms to challenge the first three Mega Man games by way of 2005's Mega Man Anniversary Collection. Per their modus operandi, they complete the games fully and rate the games on their story, presentation, gameplay, and final level.

Incidentally, Vhyper1985 brought this video to my attention (thanks, Vhyper!) on account of a little "cameo" of sorts featured at just 3:17 in. Wow, what's with the face? Huh... still, pretty cool.

If you're interested in more, then their very first episode was about Mega Man X, and they've since gone on to do Mega Man X2, Mega Man X3, Mega Man X4, and Mega Man Legends.

They're also going to be a part of Mega Man-Athon 3 at Magfest, which we previously shared info about on the Rock Tumblr. Go check it out!