Rockman Xover Adds 12th World and OVER-10 Armor

While Rockman Xover was met with jeers and disdain upon its announcement, the game continues on to this day in Japan, and has even managed to build up something of a cult fandom outside of its homeland among those Mega Man fans who would seek it out, despite not being released abroad. So with that in mind comes this bit of news and information.

A tip from Nigoli reveals that a new World 12 opens up to players after the fifth line of Battle Tower events. This world includes all the original bosses made for the previous five Battle Towers.

Upon completing World 12, players will gain access to the newest in the line of armor gained throughout the game. Known as OVER-10, this armor contains six slots for Battle Memories and can utilize Bonus Lines with Defense + Attack properties. Furthermore, the Battle Memories themselves are boosted by a multiple of 1.25. "It's a very good balance for all stats and may be considered the best armor so far."

Check out pics and screens of the new armor and world, including some sprite rips, in the gallery below.

Thanks to Nigoli for the images and info!