Ripot's Round-Up - 7/6/14

It's that time again! All the news you can use with no time to lose, it's Ripot's Round-Up!


It's no secret around here that Erico's The Blue Ink keeps us abreast of what's going on month after month in the world of Archie's Mega Man, but if you're interested in knowing what's been happening with Mega Man X and would rather enjoy a video format, The Brotherhood of Gaming has got you covered with some new reviews:

You can find more here, here, and here!


Thanks to a tip from Alexx, you can check out new images of Figuarts Zero sporting all his various equipment here. And thanks to Shadowdark7, you can pre-order the $50.99 figure, due this October, here.


Minecraft is big. Mega Man... well, Mega Man used to be big. Now, thanks to The Creature Keeper, you can combine these two great tastes into one big Reese peanut butter cup of gaming goodness with the "Megacraft Classic" Minecraft resource pack!

Megacraft Classic is a complete, definitive Mega Man themed resource pack for Minecraft. EVERYTHING has been modified, including blocks, items, foliage gradients, the End Poem, and... a good handful of sounds. OK, so it's not literally everything, but some of the more noteworthy features include:

- A HUD combining elements from all over the franchise, such as arcade-style energy meters, weapon panels containing your inventory, and a power meter to contain the energy from all the P Chips you collect!
- A custom font based off of Mega Man 6! (The font from 9 and 10 was far too wide and would always force text out of bounds.)
- A custom language file: English (Mega Man)! You have to manually activate it in the game options though, so don't forget to do that!
- Arm yourself with a Mega Buster and many special weapons like the Deep Digger, Super Arm, Leaf Shield, Rolling Cutter, and even the Wire Adapter!
- Work with electronics! Salvage circuit boards from buried scrap heaps, craft computer monitors that flash with streams of data, and watch redstone torches spark with power!
- Testificates that look better and may also be less annoying than the default ones!
- Equip your horse with a seat cushion and three different kinds of Rush adapters!
- Sound effects from all over the franchise! Feel yourself power-up as you eat, get a warning beep before something explosive goes off, and sound like Hard Man when you take a long dive into solid ground!
- Destroy holographic aliens, collect their cores, and use them to defeat the Mecha Dragon and claim Gemini Man's lair as your own personal pocket dimension!
- Megatunes! The game world music consists of classic compositions and the records contain the best of fan remixes! Take a look at the track list in the resource pack's "record" folder!

You can download the pack from Curseforge, the Minecraft Forums, or Planet Minecraft.


Last time, in our Fan Game Edition, we mentioned the "Mega Man Battle Network Chrono X" livestream that would take place to celebrate the project's fifth anniversary. Since then, the livestream has come and gone, and you can now enjoy it here:


It's been a few years since someone on high at Capcom Japan decided to take our dreams, crumple them into a ball, and punt them into the wastebasket. Naturally, the fans have not been taking this lying down, but one group in particular has a rather unique approach to taking matters into their own hands:

Rather than a demake or a side-story, this group is going to attempt to simply make Mega Man Legends 3 themselves. You can learn more at the official website of the project... that is, if you can read Japanese.

Thanks for the tip, Heat Man!


The folks behind "Mega Man Battle Network Corruption" have announced the winners of their NetNavi contest, and you can view them here:

You can find more updates on this part of the project here and here.

They've also just released a new video featuring the collection of content they've gathered for this title, including the new "Augmented Corruption Embodiment" (ACE) and "Corrupted Data Enabled" (CoDE) systems and new NetNavi Cena.EXE (you can't C:// him):

The full update can be found here, detailing the progress of Demo 1 and what they are doing with it.


A tip from Laclipsey and Wrathstorm informs us that The Megas have released the second half of their two-part Mega Man 3 tribute album, History Repeating: Red, and it's available for download right now.


From PressStart, we know now that "Mega Man: 8-Bit Deathmatch" now has a new update which includes a bunch of material from Mega Man & Bass. Check it out:


Following our last Round-Up, Will has courteously offered a translation of the Mega Xross MiXX announcement presented therein:

Rockman fans and music are crossing!!

We welcomed Rockman's 26th anniversary in December 2013, as well as Rockman X's 20th anniversary.
The individualized bosses. The overwhelming degree of difficulty of the stages. Then, the music that remains in our hearts.
The recent games are too complicated to play, and it's been such a long time since I took out the Famicom and played Rockman that it all seemed like a fresh experience.

The memories of all 35 creators have been packed in a big-volume 2-disc album.

At that time, at that second- those comrades, won't you remember them together?

(There are 31 arrangers and 6 illustrators who have prepared this!!)


2014/4/27 Spring M3 Place う-24a
Tokyo Distribution Center (TRC)
First Exhibition Room, A through D halls
Please confirm your details with the M3 homepage.

Method of distribution
Media: 2 CD-Audio, wonderful booklet (Press CD)
Distribution cost: ¥2,000

That's the best translation I can do. Don't ask how 31 arrangers and 6 illustrators add up to 35 creators- I don't get it either!
Though, there were a few other typos in the announcement- maybe they meant 37 creators.

Anyway, from that it sounds like there was a distribution event for the CD. Like Oakie620 reported, it is indeed a 2-CD album for ¥2000.
The Colis Twitter account says it's available from 3 online marketplaces:

You can find the original posting here.


I feel bad for not getting to this one before, but I just want to bring some attention to it here.

We received a tip about a Kickstarter for a multiplayer Mega Man-styled roguelike game called "Echoes of Eridu." Despite my being useless to their cause, I would like to nonetheless draw some attention to their Kickstarter page, which shows that the project was successfully funded on May 11th.

Please, give it a look! It's pretty cool looking, and you can definitely see where the Mega Man influences apply, all in a good way.

Thanks to Will and Tony Ponce for the tips!


These "Mega Man-esque" games should probably get their own update, especially considering we have a whole section for that now. Still, I'm running with them here for the moment, including this tip from GeminiSparkSP about Copy Kitty Turbo:

"If you like Mega Man, Kirby 64, Gunstar Heroes, and Bangai-O, then this game is the raving spawn of those games, in acid and steroids.

In all seriousness though, give this game a try. Not only it has similarities and shout-outs to Mega Man, but the creators also made some remixes on some Mega Man music.

The included link has links to the demo download page, full version purchase page, and Steam greenlight page."


And that's it for this round of stories! Keep sending us tips, and we'll keep posting them!