Did You Know Voice Acting? Does a Double Dose of Mega Man

Yes, Iknow these have been out for a while. However, we never talked about them here (I think they slipped my mind/fallen through the cracks, among other things), and for the benefit of others who might not know of them, I thought now might be a good way to make sure we've "officially" covered them.

Or maybe I mentioned them on Tumblr and forgot. That's a thing that can happen, too.

*ahem* That said, without further ado: Inspired by the popular "Did You Know Gaming?" series on YouTube, Christopher Niosi is giving the concept his own spin with voice acting, including not one, but two entries focused on our favorite Blue Bomber. Roll the clips!

Thanks for the tip, SilentBobX!

As for anyone who has already seen these, just feel free to smile and nod knowingly. Yes, you're better than the rest of us for having watched these sooner, if that's what helps you sleep at night.