New Mega Man #37 Cover with X, Plus Exclusive Destructoid Interview

It's an "X-over"... get it?

It's an "X-over"... get it?

Hot on the heels of this reveal, Destructoid has had the opportunity to sit down with Archie Comics writer Ian Flynn and editor Paul Kaminski to discuss their upcoming four-part crossover event, "Dawn of X", which will kick off in the 37th issue of the ongoing Mega Man comic book series.

Following are a few excerpts from the interview:

As you know, fans have always wondered how Capcom would have "linked" the classic and X series. There have been hints, but never a concrete link. Are you going to address that in the Archie Comics?

Ian Flynn: I’ve heard Capcom has that story in a vault somewhere, but I’ve not asked about it yet. The mystery of what happened between Classic and X is such a big part of the mythos that I’m hesitant to pull back the curtain on it.

Paul Kaminski: "The Dawn of X" event uses some clever storytelling tools to link the franchises in a way that doesn’t fill in any gaps best left to the fan’s imaginations. The intrigue of the gap of time between franchises remains intact.

Along those lines, what specifically is the staff doing to inject their own "Archie" flair into X and Zero? Is there anything you didn't like about Capcom's creation that you would change, or expand upon?

IF: I’d say that this is Archie’s interpretation of the series. We’re looking at the series as whole and seeing how we can present it cohesively.

PK: The readers of the classic series know we always stay respectful to the franchise, be it characters, thematic elements, you name it. Fans can expect the same kind of storytelling with X -- it ain’t broke, why fix it?

For more from Ian and Paul, head on over to Destructoid to learn what led to their decision to tackle the X series, how they feel the two series differ, whether they feel "Worlds Collide" or taking on X is bigger for them, their feelings on the prospect of going further into the franchise than X, their favorite games from the series, and who would win in a fight between X and Zero!

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