Love Remains with Mega Ran: Com.Mission Release, Shows, and More

For all the Mega Ran fans in the house, we've got a nice heaping helping of news today.

First up, Christmas Day saw the release of a brand new album which takes its name from Mega Man X's one and only role playing game. Titled Mega Ran Com: Mission, it features a variety of sampled Mega Man tracks ranging from Mega Man 2 through Mega Man & Bass, which were done by "commission" (get it?) as a stretch goal from his latest Kickstarter.

A preview of what to expect from the album was released earlier in the month, a track known as "Stage Start" featuring Storyville. More recently, however, Mega Ran posted the following video featuring the album track "Love Remains," which samples the music from Search Man's stage in Mega Man 8 and features the talents of Bag of Tricks Cat and Kara Revesz.

In addition, the video utilizes footage from Mega Ran's Japan Tour Blu-ray, which will be available in 2015.

"I'm excited to return to my roots," said Ran from the studio. "I tossed out the idea of returning to Mega Man and the fam was down. I got back into the lab and we made some really fun jams."

OCRemix's OverClocked Records label will be handling the digital distribution of the album, while those hoping to obtain a physical copy can do so by visiting this link.

Also of note is that President Gator Records has announced a special 10" vinyl record which features The Minibosses' Mega Man 2 medley on one side, while the other contains Mega Ran's hit "Splash Woman" and an unreleased track, "Ground(man) Part 2". For $11.99, it can be yours by clicking here.

Finally, for those who'd like to check Mega Ran out live, here are his next three upcoming tour dates:

1/9 Toronto, ON 
1/21 Athens, GA 
1/23-26 MAGFEST, National Harbor, MD

For more tour dates and other information on all things Mega Ran, be sure to check out his official website.