Fan Friday: Hacks, Retrospectives, Games, and More

It's time for another Fan Friday... and on the correct day this time, no less!


We've been informed by GeminiSparkSP that a new Mega Man fan game has hit recently.

Called "Mega Man Eternal," this one is somewhat beefy with not only your standard eight Robot Master stages and four final levels, but an intro stage and four event stages. What's more, the outcome of certain events (read: facing Mega Man Killers) can affect later events. There are 12 weapons in total, and a second player can even join in the fun as Beat!

All the information you could hope for and a link to download can be found right here.

Edit: According to Tom Northrup in the comments below, there seems to be some controversy surrounding this one. You can read up on that by clicking here.


Our friends over at The Brotherhood of Gaming have let us know that they've put together a new retrospective, this one looking back at the original trilogy of Mega Man X games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System:

Also, this video marks both their fifth anniversary and holiday special, so happy anniversary and holidays, guys!


A tip from Auto has informed us that has posted not one, not two, but four different hacks of Mega Man which replace the Blue Bomber with his sister, Roll!

Based on the original four games for the Nintendo Entertainment System, these hacks are inspired by the Japan-exclusive mobile phone release of the original Rockman game, which featured an option to play as the Sanguine Sister, Roll. Much like the buzz-generating Pauline hack for Donkey Kong, this gives a character who normally spends most of her time on the sidelines a greater opportunity to shine in some 8-bit classics.

For further information on all four "ROLL♥CHAN" patches, click here. (And no, you can't ask us where to find the games for these to patch-- we're only willing to go so far here.)


Finally, we have the project known as the "Mega Man Cyberspace Theater":

Inspired by the audio dramas Capcom has released in Japan over the years (plus the lack of a substantial animated adaptation), Cae Lumis is attempting to form a group to bring a similar experience to western audiences based on the "Robot" timeline of Mega Man games (Classic, X, Zero, ZX, and Legends). Currently, the three-man group running the operation is looking for voice actors, artists, sound effects people, musicians, and writers who are Mega Man fans to help make this a reality.

If you're interested in taking part, you can reach Cae by sending an e-mail to truezackfair [at], or by leaving a note on this deviantART entry.


Once again, thanks to everyone for the tips! Many of these sprang forth after last week's post, much to my surprise! You guys help act as my eyes and ears, and I definitely appreciate every tip and try to get to things as soon as I can!