Fan Friday (on Saturday)

Yeah, I know it's Saturday. It was either this or wait another week, and I don't think anyone is going to be quite as interested on December 26th, so here we are.

I've received quite a few tips about different fan games that are in the works, so I'm rounding everything up here in one nice, big Christmas package, complete with a bow (Note: There is no bow).

First up, Diego tipped us off to the following:

That's right: It's a fan-made demake of the soon-to-be-over Rockman Xover, and unlike the official version, this one appears to have a greater semblance of control input from the player, making it more akin to the run 'n gun action fans have come to know and love from the series.

The author of this game, Tarbo-san, might be familiar to those who have played other Mega Man fan games, including the 8-bit version of Mega Man Legends 3. You can find out more if a) you can read Japanese and b) you click here, where there are also numerous screenshots.


Next, from Linker2A03 and TPCool comes a version of Mega Man 2 made to operate in the Nintendo DSiWare programming app Petit Computer. The only catch? You have to scan a lot of QR codes in order to make it work-- 243, to be exact.

As you can see, it's far from perfect, but it is an interesting little experiment nonetheless. If that's no deterrent to you, then click here and start scanning away!


Next, Michael passes along a story from Siliconera that talks about a creation six years in the making: "Mega Man: Revenge of the Fallen."

No, it's not a mash-up of the Blue Bomber with Michael Bay's Transformers. Rather, it's a tale of Dr. Wily ransacking a robot museum to revive numerous Robot Masters and other minions to do battle with our hero.

The game features a good few more levels than your average Mega Man title, 20 in all with a secret bonus level. Ten Robot Masters are on the loose, and three "bounty" hunters-- presumably the Mega Man Killers seen above-- will pop up in the Robot Masters' levels at random.

Throw in your three classic Rush upgrades and an additional suite of upgrades for Mega Man himself, and you have a fairly beefy fan game to indulge in. Check it out for yourself here.


Finally, from DanteZX, something that's not a fan game: Dr. Wily's Castle theme, as performed on a violin by Taylor Davis:

How's that for class? Now you can tell all your friends how they need to get a little culture while listening to Mega Man tunes.

You can download this rendition in various formats here, or from iTunes here. For more information on the artist and how to support her, please check out the video description here.


Thanks to everyone for all the tips! I definitely appreciate you helping be my eyes and ears, and I do try to post what I can as soon as I can!