Mighty No. 9 Nearing End of Development

Comcept recently announced on their website that after more than a year in development, Mighty No. 9 is in its final stages as they near completion of the long-awaited title.

The pre-final beta ROM has been sent out, and while some things still need filling in, "it contains everything from the main story stages, to Online Race Battle, Challenge Mode and more! We’ve even got the ending in place, albeit with placeholder images."

The Challenge Mode is almost ready as well, with only the descriptions of each challenge needed in order for it to be completed.

This ROM check went on much longer than usual; Inafune-san went over every detail with a fine-toothed comb, from difficulty balance to the cutscene presentations. The Inti team walked away with plenty to chew on, but as usual everyone had a great time. (Incidentally, the man behind Takuya Aizu is the director from one of our other teams, Masahiro Yasuma. He was curious about how Mighty was coming along and decided to come check it out!)
We’ve got some adjustments, debugging, visual tweaking and a few other jobs to do between now and the final beta ROM. All of us here on the Mighty team will be burning the midnight oil to bring you the best game we can right out of the gate. We can see the finish line from here; all that’s left is one last spurt! We hope you keep cheering us on until we get there, Mighties!

In addition, the results of the "Water or Wind" Robot Design Contest have been posted, with one even getting a personalized makeover by Keiji Inafune himself. You can check out the entries here.

Source: Comcept, via Siliconera (as sent to us by Murkman)