Mighty No. 9: Box Art, Beck's New Look, & Call's New Armament

First: Yes, yes, this is appearing under "Mega Man News." Things aren't working quite right, and Lance is fixing how this whole shebang goes. Just deal with it for now, okay?

Anyway, on to the news: Comcept has updated their Kickstarter page with some new images and information showing where things are going with Mighty No. 9, including new box art that will go to backers who contributed $40 or more to the campaign, and shows off a new side of Beck:

Notice anything different? Beck is now sporting a new white color, versus the bluish-grey he had before, and it's already being used in their next build of the game. According to director Koji Imaeda, the reason for the change is as follows:

From the very beginning we designed Beck to have a neutral, grey base, with the idea of wanting to make something completely new and unique.
But development soldiered on, and as we approached the last leg, we started looking closer at Beck. As a protagonist that could absorb the abilities of his siblings and take on various forms, our image of his appropriate color shifted from “neutrality” to “containing all possibilities”... and since white is a combination of all colors of light, we felt that would actually suit his character better! Hence, we went with the coloring change.
Pure and simple, this Beck is ready to take on all kinds of cool transformations. We hope you like our new-and-improved hero!

Moving on to Call, the votes have been tallied and the weapon she will wield is...

"Dr. Sanda wanted “change of pace” with this one, and it seems a most of you Beckers liked the direction he took! This design alone garnered 42.2% of the votes—10,245 in all—giving it an overwhelming victory!"

You can see how the votes broke down and more here, including some glimpses of Beck and Call in the new build, how the voting tally broke down among the four weapons, and even a bit on Fangamer's (who are producing the backer rewards for the Mighty No. 9 campaign) new Kickstarter for some new Earthbound paraphernalia.

Thanks to Damo for the tip!