Check Out Manami Matsumae's Newest Project, Target Acquired

Manami Matsumae, who is known among Mega Man fans for her work in various games throughout that series as well as other Capcom works, has been a bit busy as of late. Her talents have been tapped for not only the somewhat-recently released Shovel Knight and the upcoming Mighty No. 9, but another project that is gaining ground on Kickstarter, Target Acquired.

This mobile game follows the exploits of a "Japanese Police Cat Girl" as she strives to thwart the plans for world domination by an "Evil Genius Cyborg Mouse." Described as "Mega Man meets Temple Run," Target Acquired is a "side-scrolling 'endless running' adventure with an action-packed platforming run-and-gun twist," and its design has had the helping hand of former Square Enix Indonesia Chief Executive Officer Ryo Teruya as well.

The game has already met and surpassed its initial goal on Kickstarter (as of this writing, 125% with 15 days left), and is now in the process of reaching stretch goals. You can read all about what those entail and further information on the game here, as well as listen to a sample of the soundtrack Matsumae has in store for the game.

There are also some pretty fancy backer rewards on display, ranging from t-shirts to mini-statues, designing a boss, and even a life-size toy replica of the main character's gun that is suitable for cosplay.

For those wondering about the company itself, TouchTen is based out of Jakarta and has 20 other games online with over 10 million downloads. They've raised funding from CyberAgent Ventures and TMS Entertainment, one of Japan’s most venerable animation studios, and Forbes Indonesia named them one of the "20 Rising Global Stars" earlier this year.