Mega Man News from the Archie Action Hour at NYCC

With the announcement of "Worlds Unite" earlier this week came the promise that more info about the second crossover event between Mega Man and Sonic the Hedgehog would come at New York Comic Con. Earlier today, the Archie Action Hour panel took place at the convention, and while not much new was said about the crossover, that doesn't mean the panel was devoid of Mega Man news.

TSSZ News was on hand to cover the panel, which featured both Blue Bomber and Blue Blur alike, but since this is The Mega Man Network, we'll focus more specifically on what's going down in Mega City. Here are the relevant excerpts from their liveblog:

Worlds Collide was the biggest Archie Action event ever.
Kaminski: “From the moment Worlds Collide ended, we started thinking about what to do now.”
“Worlds Unite is the second act of the crossover story. It will take what you loved about the first one and blow it up.”
We can “assume” Sonic and Mega Man’s worlds will unite, but they keyword is assume.

Worlds Unite will be looped into the regular narrative.

The panel recaps recent developments in the Mega Man comic.
A convention-exclusive Mega Man #41 cover is shown featuring Mega Man running through NYCC itself.
The next arc in Mega Man will last 8 issues.
The panel discusses refocusing the story in the new arc.

Image via TSSZ News

Upcoming Mega Man #45 is a sad cover telling of betrayal and anger.

Image via TSSZ News

The Ultimate Betrayal is the second half of the Mega Man III game arc. The CG renders by RafaelaKnight look stunning.
All of Worlds Collide is available in graphic novel form.
Blackout is the first graphic novel coming after Worlds Collide.
Archie does plan to revisit the other Mega Man universes at some point.
There will be more creative variant covers in the future.

Worth noting is the line where they say "'Worlds Unite' will be looped into the regular narrative," which is contrary to the belief it would be a separate mini-series and confirming what writer Ian Flynn had said on his forum (noted in the comments of our story). Unlike before, though, it sounds like they won't be putting everything on hold, and that it will instead follow what's currently going on in the comic at the time they get started.

And that's pretty much it! Well, as Mega Man goes, of course. For the entire panel, be sure to head over to TSSZ News, and you can also check out their separate picture gallery from the event, though the only Mega Man covers we haven't already seen have been shown above.